360 Degree Feedback Assessment

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360 Degree Feedback Assessment
It provides a structured approach which enables you to take feedback from key colleagues, reports and managers and identify performance gaps.
What is a 360 Degree Feedback Assessment ?
360 degree feedback assessments, sometimes known as self-awareness or competency assessments, is where an individual receives confidential and anonymous feedback from colleagues with whom they have varying working relationships. This can include managers, colleagues, team members and customers.

The idea is that they receive as well-rounded view as possible of their strengths and weaknesses from a range of stakeholders.

The Thomas 360 Bespoke system enables your employees to gather performance feedback from their colleagues quickly and compare this feedback with their own perception of their performance.

360 degree feedback assessments specifications
  • It is a competency feedback questionnaire.
  • Filled by Managers, Team Members & Candidates themselves.
  • It Shows how candidates are actually behave
  • Random & Web Based Questionnaire
Background & Theory
The Thomas 360 Bespoke system was developed by Sarah Hamilton-Gill and Thomas International in 2012.

The 360 Elite system concept was developed by Sarah Hamilton-Gill over 15 years prior to this as a means to manage complex projects and cohorts.

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360 degree feedback provides individuals with a better understanding of their performance because the respondents provide a rounded ‘360 degree’ perspective on the individual’s competencies. The respondent’s feedback remains confidential and anonymous throughout the process and allows them to answer more freely in an open and honest way.

The Thomas 360 Bespoke allows you to choose the areas required for your business, either by selecting from the eight questionnaire templates or selecting from the bank of 31 competencies.

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Select a template or choose the competencies to create the framework for your 360. Respondents rate the individual’s performance on each competency on a scale of 1-7 (1 indicating that the individual needs development and 7 indicating the individual is exceptional).
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There is also a section which allows the respondents to write comments in free text. The report provides scores from all the respondents as well as highlighting areas of difference between ratings from the participant, this is represented graphically in the report and helps the individual identify areas in which they may have misunderstandings about performance.
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