Training Courses
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Training Courses
Best Practices offers a range of training programs designed in packages/groups according to the main disciplines listed.
Why Best Practice ?
Since 2007 to date, Best Practices has implemented more than (1200) training programs, seminars, forums and specialized scientific conferences, whether general programs or contractual programs, in various administrative and specialized fields, especially the areas related to strategic planning, institutional excellence and institutional capacity building, human resources, rehabilitation and development Competencies, organization and administrative reorganization, leadership and supervisory skills and others, in more than (9) countries, including: the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey. More than (28000) trainees from more than (16) countries, working in the public and private sectors, participated in it.
Training Courses Packages
We are committed in high excellence and quality in providing a range of training courses (Main Topics) in:
Package of Strategic planning programs and evaluating organizational performance

A series of training programs for workers in the areas of strategic planning, future management, and institutional excellence. As well as for the supervisory levels concerned with preparing and implementing strategic and operational plans and the requirements of the institutional excellence awards.

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Programs of evaluating and preparation of assessment centers in cooperation with THOMAS International

A series of training programs for workers in the field of human resources, and recruitment. As well as interview committee members, experts, and evaluators concerned with measuring job competencies; building succession plans and managing talent.

Programs of Project Management (PMP)

A series of approved training programs with professional certificates which target engineers, team leaders, all workers in the field of project management, and the supervisory and leadership levels concerned with planning and following up projects in their organizations. With the aim of improving work outcomes and specific performance indicators.

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Package of senior management programs and supervision programs

A series of training programs aimed at preparing and qualifying first, second, and third-grade leaders; raising their leadership capabilities and supervisory and administrative skills to enable them to manage work teams and influence leadership in the success of their institutions.

Package of human resource development programs
A series of training programs for employees in human resources and training departments, as well as for supervisory levels and categories of employees involved in implementing human capital management requirements, motivating and developing their competencies.
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Package of Organizational development

A series of training programs targeting the processes of change, organizational development and restructuring, for job categories working in the field of organizational development and some supervisory and leadership levels in institutions.

Package of Organizational Excellence programs and quality according to international and local standards of excellence awards

A series of training programs for employees in the areas of institutional excellence and excellency awards, as well as for the supervisory and leadership levels, concerned with the preparation and implementation of these programs.

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Package for service centers qualification and customer happiness

A series of training programs aimed at rehabilitating customer happiness centers according to service development and star rating programs, as well as raising the capabilities of service providers in those centers; to enable them to raise the levels of classification of the centers, and increase the rates of satisfaction and customer happiness.

Package of Group self-development programs behavior and interaction relationships

A series of training programs aimed at enhancing behavioral skills, and the protocol for positive interaction with various categories of customers, employees, and heads. Designated for various job categories in institutions.

A Business Owners Guide To Personal Development 1
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Package of Public Relations and Media programs

A series of training programs for workers in the field of public relations, corporate communication, marketing, and media to raise their capabilities in constructing and applying best practices and professional expertise to enhance the mental image and corporate identity.

Package of electronic Technical Programs
A series of training programs for workers in the field of information technology, digital transformation and artificial intelligence in organizations to comply with technical developments and digital transformation strategies.
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Package of financial and accounting programs

A series of training programs for workers in the field of accounting, finance, and procurement, as well as for several supervisory levels, to increase their level of awareness and abilities in applying relevant financial systems.

Package of management offices and secretarial
A series of training programs for workers in executive secretarial and office management positions to improve their practical abilities in supporting decision makers and organizing office work.
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Package of marketing and sales programs
A series of training programs for those involved in marketing and selling activities, whether by traditional or electronic methods, with the aim of improving their practical abilities in formulating and implementing marketing and sales plans that are reflected in the levels of productivity and profit in their organizations.
E-training programs in cooperation with knowledge Horizons Company
A series of training programs designed in an electronic and interactive manner, which includes a set of programs that have been developed by specialized bodies and includes many packages of programs and training topics.
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Package of diverse professional and technical
A series of various training programs in different fields aimed at developing institutions, which includes a set of programs that have been developed by specialized bodies and includes many programs and training topics.
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