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Best Practices offers a set of consulting studies that are distinguished and unique in comparison to its competitors, from consulting centers locally and regionally, as it has practical and previous work experience over the past years that qualified it professionally to continue to excel in presenting these consulting studies in the following main areas:

Human Resources & Building Abilities
  • Competencies framework and dictionary.
  • Training needs analysis.
  • Building career and training path.
  • Training Assessment & Evaluation.
  • Preparing regulations on Human Recourses.
  • Performance Appraisal Systems.
  • Setup guide and competencies Dictionary.
  • Career and financial replacement.
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Organizational Excellence
  • Organizational rehabilitation in accordance with the standards, and international and local awards of excellence.
  • Evaluation of Internal Excellence Awards.
  • The preparation and development of plans and methodologies of organizational work.
Strategic Planning & Performance Measurement
  • Strategic Plans.
  • Operational Plans.
  • Preparation of management systems and assessing organizational performance evaluation.
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Development & Management
  • Restructuring.
  • Preparation of Organizational Structures.
  • Simplifying procedures and the preparation of model work.
  • Preparing job description.
  • Preparing organizational regulations
    Preparation & Development of Assessment Center

    Using the latest technology and methodologies adopted in THOMAS International, we provide accurate measurement services of employee’s competencies and capabilities which begin the following tests:

      • PPA – Personal Profile Analysis.
      • GIA – General Intelligence Assessment.
      • TEIQ – Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire.
      • 360 – Thomas 360 Degree.
      • HPTI – High Potential Trait Indicator
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      The main Consultation studies carried out by Best Practice Company
      Since 2007 to date, Best Practices has carried out more than (40) specialized advisory, consultation and qualification studies for major regional and local private and governmental review hereshein phone casesel baratillo institutions of repute in more than three countries. The most important of those consulting studies provided:
      nubmerConsultation TitleInstitution
      1Project of training need analysis, capacity building and functional design of training materials - a group of government and private health sector work The World Health Organization - Office of Jordan
      2Re-structuring, Job Description and Job Re-Location
      3Competencies Based training & Training PathSheik Zayed Program for Housing-U.A.E.
      4Training Need Analysis & Executing Training planMinistry of Education
      5Re-structuring, Units Responsibilities & Career PathR.A.K Chamber-U.A.E
      6Competency Frame Work & Assessment CenterR.A.K Chamber-U.A.E
      7Evaluation of Employees’ Competencies & Setting Individual Development Plans (IDP)R.A.K Chamber-U.A.E
      8Competencies Dictionary & Examination ToolsR.A.K Chamber-U.A.E
      9360 Performance Appraisal SystemR.A.K Chamber-U.A.E
      10Preparing the strategic plan 2012-2014Al Nahda Women's Association - Dubai
      11Job Description & Career PathThe Supreme Council for National Security
      12Competency FrameworkThe Supreme Council for National Security
      13External Assessment for ALRIYADA Award-EFQM Approach- Fifth SessionMinistry of culture-U.A.E
      14Preparing submission for Excellence AwardSharjah Educational Zone-U.A.E
      15Assessment Center- Leaders SelectionMinistry of Justice-U.A.E
      16External Assessment for ALRIYADA Award-EFQM Approach- Sixth SessionMinistry of culture-U.A.E
      17Training Need Analysis Ministry of Health-U.A.E
      18Building Assessment Center System according to THOMAS International ApproachMinistry of Justice-U.A.E
      19Strategic Plan 2014-2016Emirates Transport
      20Preparing the strategic plan 2011-2013Ministry of Economy - U.A.E
      21Preparing Job Evacuation System & Relocation of staff to the salary scaleAlMADAR -Telecommunication Co.-Libya
      22A project for preparing the strategic plan for the Higher Committee for the Advancement of Agricultural Industries at the State Level of LibyaMinistry of Industry-Libya
      23Rehabilitation projects in accordance with Sheikh Khalifa government Excellence program (SKGEP)Marriage Fund- U.A.E
      24Restructuring, Job Description, Competencies frame work, career path.Public Works Ministry-U.A.E.
      25Job Analysis & Job DescriptionAbu Dhabi Quality & conformity council- U.A.E.
      26Project review and update the strategic planMarriage Fund - Abu Dhabi
      27Job Evaluation according to HR system of Abu Dhabi governmentAbu Dhabi Quality & conformity council- U.A.E.
      28Study of Full Time Equivalent (FTE)Abu Dhabi Quality & conformity council- U.A.E.
      29Building Assessment Center System according to THOMAS International ApproachDubai Land Department-U.A.E
      30Assessment Tests- Second Line of Leaders according to THOMAS International ApproachMarriage Fund- U.A.E
      31Assessment Tests- All Staff according to THOMAS International ApproachMarriage Fund- U.A.E
      32Restructuring, Job Description, Competencies framework, Career path, HR Development.National Qualification Authority - U.A.E.
      33Restructuring, Job Description, Competencies framework, Career path, HR Development.Federal Transport Authority-Land & Maritime - U.A.E.
      34Job Analysis, Description and Evaluation.General Authority of Youth& Sports Welfare- U.A.E.
      35Job Analysis & Job DescriptionAlMADAR Telecommunication Co.-Libya
      36External Assessment for ALRIYADA Award-EFQM Approach- Seventh SessionMinistry of culture& Knoweldge Development-U.A.E
      37Development and Follow up Performance Appraisal SystemMinistry of Economy
      38Rehabilitation project in accordance with Emirates HR AwardMinistry of Economy
      39Relocation of staff to the salary scaleAlMADAR Telecommunication Co.-Libya
      40Preparing the strategic plan 2017-2021Al Nahda Women's Association - Dubai
      41Institution Evaluation according to 4th generation- Sheikh Khalifa government Excellence program (SKGEP)UAE Space Agency
      42Job Description, competencies framework & Career PathMinistry of Economy
      43Building Assessment CentersGeneral Directorate Of Residency And Foreigners Affairs Dubai
      44Developing Assessment standards for awards, categories, and organizational, financial, and administrative mechanismsHamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Award
      45Preparation for Dubai medals for excellence within the Dubai Government Excellence Program (Distinguished Employee Award)Community Development Authority-Dubai
      46Establishing and building the capabilities of the Sharjah Training and Development CenterSharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
      47Project of preparing job description cards for the administrative and diplomatic structureMinistry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
      48Preparation of KPIs for diplomatic functionsMinistry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
      49Preparing a job competency matrixMinistry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
      50Evaluation centers project to select the director of the Sharjah Export Development CenterSharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
      51Preparing and developing training and career development mechanisms and training plansMinistry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
      52Developing mechanisms for recruitment, recruitment and interviewsMinistry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
      تأهيل الوزارة لجائزة محمد بن راشد للتميز الحكومي (الوزارة والأوسمة)وزارة الإقتصاد
      مشروع تقييم مستويات قيادية (مراكز التقييم)-وظائف مدراء العمومشركة المدار الجديد - ليبيا
      تحديث وتطوير نظام وسياسات ولائحة الموارد البشرية الهيئة العامة لرعاية الشباب والرياضة
      تحديد الإحتياجات وإعداد خطط التدريب والتطويروزارة الاقتصاد
      مشروع دعم وإرشاد موظفي الدائرة لإعداد وصياغة طلبات الترشيح لأوسمة دبي للتميز الحكوميدائرة الأراضي والأملاك
      تطوير الهيكل التنظيمي وإعداد بطاقات الوصف الوظيفي وخرائط المسارات الوظيفية ونظم الكفاءات وزارة الاقتصاد
      تطوير السياسات ودليل الإجراءات الخاصة بإدارة الزياراتوزارة الخارجية والتعاون الدولي
      تطوير سياسات وإجراءات العمل للموارد البشريةوزارة الخارجية والتعاون الدولي
      تطوير الخطة الإستراتيجية 2022-2026جمعية النهضة النسائية-دبي
      مشروع تطوير مؤشرات الأداء الإستراتيجية وربطها بأنظمة الأداء الوظيفي والنسب الموجهههيئة الثقافة بدبي
      تطوير الهيكل التنظيمي وبطاقات الوصف والمسارات الوظيفيةالهيئة الوطنية لحقوق الانسان-أبوظبي
      تطوير دليل إدارة الأداء وبنك وقاموس الأهداف الوظيفية الذكيةالهيئة الوطنية لحقوق الانسان-أبوظبي
      التأهيل لجائزة التميز الخاصة بجائزة الشيخ خليفة للإمتياز SKEA رابطة المحترفين الإماراتية
      مشروع دعم معيار رأس المال البشري ضمن برنامج دبي للتميز الحكومي
      (مشروع تطوير إطار الكفاءات السلوكية والتخصصية)
      الإدارة العامة للإقامة وشؤون الأجانب
      النظام الإلكتروني لإدارة الأداء الإستراتيجي والوظيفيجمعية النهضة النسائية-دبي
      تطوير الخطة الإستراتيجية 2024-2026رابطة المحترفين الإماراتية
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