Discover your Strengths (According to Gallup’s Global Methodology)

Discover your Strengths (According to Gallup’s Global Methodology)

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The number of hours : 3 hours.

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The overall goal of the programme

The global "Gallup" organization has spent more than three decades searching for what makes us positive, successful, happy, productive and influential. And his most beautiful qualities and what makes him an individual alone is unlike anyone else, and today there are 23 million trainees and leaders around the world who knew their strengths and started to operate them, while documenting their abilities, competitive advantages, and administrative skills, with international "Gallup" certificates.

Main topics

  • Identify the difference between traditional management and management based on strengths.
  • Get to know the four generations of management.
  • Find out how our methods can help you identify and develop your talents and strengths.
  • Knowing how to employ strengths in defining and formulating smart goals.
  • How does talent turn into strength?
  • Know the difference between a mature and immature strength.
  • How to know and manage your weaknesses and overcome them.
  • How do you tell others about your strengths and make them interact with you in the best way? (personal brand)
  • The four leadership roles and what role they can play.