Strategic Performance Assessment

Strategic Performance Assessment

3575 AED

The number of hours : 15 hours.

The number of days: 3 day.

Platform is : Dubai.

The overall goal of the program
Developing participants’ skills and enabling them to implement and follow-up evaluation of the results of strategic and operational performance indicators in accordance with the scientific bases and standards approved locally and internationally and in line with the requirements of the strategic plan for government institutions.

  • Program topics
  • Strategic management and strategic planning.
  • Components of strategic plans and their main elements.
  • Types of performance indicators adopted in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Preparing operational and executive plans:
    • The basic foundations for building executive plans.
    • Assessment of the needs, resources and capabilities necessary for operational planning.
    • Requirements for preparing an executive action plan based on the government's strategy.
    • Implementation of targeted initiatives and activities.
    • Evaluating and developing operational plans.
    • Models and samples of operational and executive plans for the application.
  • Measuring strategic performance indicators.
  • Measuring operational performance indicators.
  • Offering the experience of entering and reviewing data and results of indicators according to the e-government "Adaa" system applied in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Offering the experience of adopting the results of the targets according to the government performance system approved in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Preparing the strategic and operational performance report and identifying aspects of development

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