Analyzing and Classifying Jobs and Preparing Job Description Cards
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Analyzing and Classifying Jobs and Preparing Job Description Cards

The overall goal of the program

Developing the participants’ skills in the field of job analysis and description, by introducing them to the scientific foundations of the methods and mechanisms of job analysis and description, taking into account the system of job analysis and description approved by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, and applying and practicing best practices in the specific field, which will reflect positively on individual and institutional performance.

Detailed goals

  • Provide participants with basic knowledge about recent trends and applications in the field of organization, job description and classification.
  • Developing the participants' abilities to complete organizational references and modern standard requirements for job descriptions and alignment with the government's analysis and description system.
  • Develop participants' capabilities in building key performance indicators (KPIs) for various description cards.
  • Enable participants to build competencies/standard job capabilities and use them in job description cards.
  • Supporting participants in designing, filling out and evaluating job description cards.

Main topics

  • Fundamentals of organization, description and job classification.
  • Reworking and reviewing the organizational structure.
  • Gathering job information.
  • Analyze the focal points of work completion.
  • Defining key performance indicators (KPIs) for organizational units.
  • Classification of work tasks for organizational units in the organization.
  • Hierarchical structure of the hierarchy of tasks and competencies.
  • Hierarchical structure to classify the standard functional competencies.
  • Determining job titles according to the work need.
  • Drafting job description cards in accordance with the directives of government regulations and manuals.

Target group

  • HR managers and employees





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