Future Leader
This course prepares future leaders with essential skills for strategic, digital, and innovative success

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Future Leader

The overall goal of the programme

The “Future Leader” program comes as a vital and necessary step, in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital transformation, towards developing leaders and preparing them with the necessary skills to face future challenges that will be increasingly complex and accelerating. The program has a future outlook, in order to meet the needs of leaders and provide the skills necessary to achieve success in a world full of technological transformations and revolutions, which makes it an essential source for the latest trends in strategic leadership development.

The “Future Leader” program, through the Digital Entrepreneurship Development Platform Limited, is proud to be accredited by (ILM), the leading institution in the United Kingdom in providing qualifications and training in the field of leadership and management, according to specific evaluation criteria. ILM is part of the British business group City & Guilds, dedicated to developing and supporting the best qualifications, assessment and educational content for leaders and managers. City & Guilds dates back to 1878, when the City of London Corporation and 16 professional companies, the trade unions, founded the London Institute of Trades and Industries (CGLI).

This international recognition gives this program credibility and confidence in its quality and effectiveness. After fulfilling the assessment requirements, participants receive an accredited certificate from (ILM) that reflects their readiness for future challenges and their excellence in developing their leadership capabilities.





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