Habilitation of Human Resources Responsibilities (advanced level)
interviewing, hiring, training, motivating, wage and salary administration, performance appraisals ... etc

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Habilitation of Human Resources Responsibilities (advanced level)

The overall goal of the programme The Human Resources Management Program seeks to provide the participating trainees with a competitive and modern curriculum in accordance with international best practices in the fields of human resources policies and strategies, with a focus on improving levels of awareness of human resource practices and functions in non-routine aspects related to structuring, building and job descriptions, preparing competencies and career paths, which reflects positively on The level of their specialized awareness of the requirements of adopting and applying professional practices in the work of human resources in the department. The detailed objectives of the program In more detail, at the end of the training, the trainee is expected to be able to:
  • Learn about human resources policies, strategies, indicators and enablers in government agencies.
  • Recognizing the requirements for preparing and updating the organizational and functional structures in the work environment.
  • Practicing the requirements of implementing the main activities of human resources management according to the competency approach.
  • Prepare a sample of job description cards, analyze and classify jobs.
  • Learn the basics of building a career path.
  • Identify ways to discover promising talents and leaders and prepare relevant development programs.





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