Preparing training needs and designing professional training plans
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Preparing training needs and designing professional training plans

The overall goal of the program

The program generally aims to develop the participants’ skills in the field of training and development and prepare individual development plans within the practical foundations and modern and standard methods, focusing on the entry of needs analysis according to the Competency Based Training approach and the training and development system in the federal government, enabling them to provide evaluation and development plans to raise efficiency and capacity human resources to perform their job duties.

Detailed objectives of the program

In more detail, it is expected that at the end of the program the trainee will be able to:

  • It defines what the training needs are, their importance and the practical curricula adopted in the institutions (a brief summary and a definition).
  • He masters the study of methods for determining training needs at the level: institution-functional-employee.
  • Defines methods for analyzing training needs and identifying and evaluating the performance gap.
  • Defines the different levels of the process of identifying training needs and what is meant by each.
  • It defines the concept of normative functional capabilities and their importance in the professional identification of training needs.
  • He practically exercises the stages of preparing individual development plans.
  • Learn about training and development methods and application mechanisms.

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