Project Management Professional PMP
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Project Management Professional PMP

Objectives of the training program:

In general, the program aims to develop the practical skills of the participants in the use of modern and technical applied methods and methods to manage projects in a professional manner, by providing them with all information related to dealing with all project elements - time, resources, cost, quality and risks - at all stages of the project and identifying the differences between The path (according to the plan) and the path (implementation) and the use of the necessary strategies for control, in a way that ultimately helps them in planning, scheduling, executing projects and controlling them.

Program themes:

  • Project - Project Management - Project life cycle.
  • Phases of the project.
  • Preparing the schedule - division of the project (WBS: Work Breakdown Structure).
  • Knowing the growing need for better project management.
  • Relationships and obstacles.
  • Learn about modern trends and theories in project management - certificates - programs.
  • Gantt (bar chart), PERT, & CPM concepts.
  • Resource management - resource identification - resource installation - resource scheduling.
  • Getting acquainted with the profession of the project manager.
  • Dealing with obstacles (obvious and hidden).
  • Project cost management (in the planning and implementation phases).
  • Determine the differences (time and costs) between planning and implementation.
  • Strategies to reduce project time.
  • Strategies for resolving resource scheduling discrepancies.
  • Tools and methods of quality control in the implementation of projects.
  • Preparing data, tables and reports





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