Strategic construction of talent management practices and innovative job succession – U.A.E
An introduction to organizational agility

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Strategic construction of talent management practices and innovative job succession – U.A.E

The idea and importance of the programme

The idea and importance of the training course lies in the need to face the challenges and rapid changes that the world is witnessing in the field of talent management. As the world competes for talent rankings and their spread among different entities, it becomes necessary for companies and institutions to adopt modern and effective talent management practices.

A training course is an important way to equip workers with the knowledge and skills needed to manage talent effectively. It teaches them how to attract and attract talent, as well as how to retain and develop it within the organization. The course provides a solid reference based on best practices in talent management, and thus contributes to enhancing the organization's ability to compete and innovate in a rapidly changing labor market.

Through the course, the participants are enhanced awareness of the importance of talent management as a critical factor for the success of the organization, and they acquire the skills and tools necessary to identify and develop promising talent within the organization. They also learn how to implement effective succession strategies to ensure continuity of leadership and maintain leading performance.

In short, the training course contributes to building institutions capable of attracting and developing talent, promoting innovation and competitiveness, and ensuring continued success and development in the rapidly changing labor market.

The overall goal of the programme

The program aims to develop the capabilities and skills of employees and develop their talents in talent management and job succession, and provide an inspiring and stimulating work environment for innovation and achievements. The program focuses on using individual capabilities and talents in recruitment and appointment processes, and building an effective job succession system in the organization. The program also seeks to provide continuous support and guidance to employees, to promote a culture of institutional agility, and to develop flexible career thinking.

The main themes of the programme are:

  1. Introduction to talent management and future jobs and skills.
  2. Normative competencies, career paths and talent management.
  3. Assessment centers and talent discovery methods.
  4. Innovative career succession strategies.

For more details about the training program, download the program description file: download the file from here

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The price of training program: 6900 AED

The price after discount: 3450 AED

The discount is only for federal government employees - the United Arab Emirates

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