Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

525 AED

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) provides a rapid and deep insights into a person’s behavioural preferences and communication style.

Thomas’ Behavioural Assessment

Elevate your recruitment strategy with Thomas’ Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), a groundbreaking behavioural assessment tool tailored to unravel the intricacies of individual character. The listed price covers the assessment fees for one person only, ensuring a personalized and focused analysis.

What is a Behavioural Assessment Test?

More than a measure of skills, it's a gateway into the psyche. Thomas' PPA is meticulously crafted to observe, understand, explain, and predict behaviour, delving into thinking style, receptiveness to learning, and leadership capabilities.

How Does a Behavioural Assessment Work?

Built upon the DISC theory, the Thomas Behaviour Assessment uses Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance to decipher fears, motivators, values, and behavioural styles. Advanced technology plots these factors on a graph, offering unparalleled insights into candidates’ behavioural tendencies.

Why Choose Thomas’ Behavioural Assessment?

  • Precision in Analysis: Nuanced insights provide a deeper understanding of an individual's character.
  • Strategic Alignment: Align candidates with roles that complement their behavioural styles, ensuring a harmonious match between strengths and organizational objectives.
  • Predictive Power: Gain the ability to predict performance on the job, collaboration, and problem-solving. A key asset in achieving both job-related and business goals.

Invest in Thomas’ Behavioural Assessment for the specified single-person fee – a tool that transforms recruitment processes, unlocking the full potential of human behavior. Illuminate the path to success with clarity, making informed decisions, and building a thriving workforce.