Applied Approach to Strategic Transformation of “Talent Based HR”
Rely on talent in your strategies.

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Applied Approach to Strategic Transformation of “Talent Based HR”

This forum comes to present modern concepts, practical methodologies and international best practices in talent management, discovering and developing functional competencies in order to reinvest their capabilities, talents and strengths in areas that enable them to achieve innovative achievement and pioneering excellence. The forum is based on strengthening the approaches and mechanisms that contribute to discovering the pivotal strengths and main areas of improvement in the personal characteristics, self-abilities and individual talents of employees, and proposing innovative approaches to reorganizing and distributing work and identifying future improvement plans that enable institutions to better attract, employ and develop talent while strengthening and strengthening strengths. And placing it in the right place that achieves speed and effectiveness in institutional success and career happiness, and in a manner that contributes to the development of flexible career thinking and the promotion of a culture of institutional and organizational agility according to individual and institutional strengths. For more details about the program, you can read the file here Details file






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